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Block #2 - Video Hero

Hero Video
Script: vidbg.js v2.1 is licensed under The MIT License.

Demo Settings

  • Full-width container: Off
  • Content Wrapper Alignment: Left
  • Heading: Works with Moodle 4.x
  • Caption
    <p class="text-size-lg">The Monocolor theme is fully compatible with the latest Moodle version.</p>
    <p class="text-size-xs mt-3">Learn how to use this theme. Check out <a href="" class="underline--anim" target="_blank">extended documentation.</a></p>
The package include: poster file -> JPG, video files -> mp4, webm

Available options

  • Full-width container (Full width: 100%, Standard: max-width: 1200px )
  • Block Intro Content (HTML Content before the block)
  • Content Wrapper Alignment (Left, Middle, Right)
  • Heading Size (Normal, Large, Extra Large)
    Normal: 40px , Large: 60px , Extra Large: 80px
  • Heading Color (Black, White, Gradient)
    Gradient: $primary-color-200, $primary-color-600
    // CSS class
  • Heading Font Weight (Normal, Medium, Bold)
  • Show Colorized Content Wrapper (On/Off)
    • Content Wrapper Color (HEX)

Video Options