Course Card Image Color Mask

An optional feature for those who want to have a mono-color cover image look.

Show hints in hidden courses

With this setting, a hint will appear in the course header as long as the visibility of the course is hidden. This helps to identify the visibility state of a course at a glance without the need for looking at the course settings.

Dark mode

Optional feature. Enabled by default. You can also translate the button title (showing on hover state) -> Dark Mode (Button title).
  • Displaying text in multiple languages Learn more
  • Custom Tooltip for Dark and Light Mode

Only the Dark Mode UI

Show Information About Theme Author

If you want you can hide theme author information in the source code.

Google Analytics V4 Code

Please enter your Google Analytics V4 code to enable analytics on your website. The code format should be like [G-XXXXXXXXXX]

Unneeded blocks

The blocks specified are not needed when using this theme and will not be listed in the 'Add a block' menu.

FontAwesome (v6.1.2)

Optional, Self-hosted FontAwesome Library. Disabled by default.