Block #5 - Logotypes

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Credits: Swiper. MIT Licensed, v7.0.8 released on October 4, 2021


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Available options

  • Turn on

  • Show Block Separator (hr)

  • Additional Class Name (only for developers)

  • Intro Title

  • Intro Content

  • HTML Content

  • Footer Content

  • Slides per row

  • Up to 30 logotypes


Slides settings

Sample logo (270 x 130, 30px inner margin)

Code snippet

<div class="wrapper-md rui-block-desc  rui-block-desc--lg">
Custom block no.5 allows you to display multiple logotypes.
It prepares them to thrive in today’s world — and to shape tomorrow’s.
Apple is constantly creating resources to help educators do just that. Not only powerful products, but also tools, inspiration, and curricula to create magical learning experiences and make every moment of screen time worth it.

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