Discover the Space version 2.5.0

Discover the most important changes and enhancements in Space version 2.5.

Additional Menu Items For Secondary Navigation

Space - Course page -secondary navigation

New Calendar UI

New My Courses Box Features

A lot of improvements for My Courses Block. Use filter to show hidden courses (mainly for admin and teacher roles), show filters in progress. The new UI shows completed courses or even future one. Big thanks to Brian from Aalborg University.

New Open/Close Navigation Drawer Icons

There are new icons, tooltips or aria-labels in the source code. When you open the course index (on the course page), the button will be hidden.

Quiz navigation current question - UX Improvements

The current question or page is highlighted. (Quiz - Settings - Layout: New page -> Every question)

Additional Icon Tooltips & the New Site Administration Icon

The tooltips have been added to the messages and notifications icons, as well as the open/hide navigation drawer.

Additionally, the dark mode icon now has extra tooltips and options for customization: (Site administration - Appearance - Space - General)

  • Dark Mode (Button Title/Tooltip)

  • Light Mode (Button Title/Tooltip)

Permission Table - Better UX

I have made an enhancement to the permission table by including a color background for the permission column. Green represents allow while red represents restricted.

Edwsier and Tiles Course Format UI/UX Improvements

A lot of UI improvements and dark mode support. Big thanks to Arad from the University of Wollongong Australia


## [2.5] - August 4, 2023
# Added:
 - Back To Top Button (Space - General - Back to Top Button)
 - Course Card - Custom Fields (Space - Course Page - Course Card - Show Custom Fields)
 - My Courses Box New Features, Better UI and UX
 - New Show/Hide Sidebar Button Icons
 - Show/Hide Sidebar Button Aria Label (Open/Close)
 - New Admin Settings Icon
 - Sidebar Label on Hover (Space - Sidebar - Sidebar Label Customization)
 - Tooltips for Messages and Notifications (on the top bar)

# Improvements:
 - Calendar UI
 - Course Management UI
 - Course Format Tiles UI
 - Course Image (on the course page)
 - Grade Report UI
 - Login Page (Full-width Select Field)
 - Message UI
 - Subcourse Module Dark Mode Support and Few UI Improvements
 - Sidebar Icon (Show/Hide) hidden when the course index opened
 - Quiz Page - UX improvements - Quiz navigation current question

# Fixed:
 - Blinking Page when Right Sidebar Opened
 - Duplicate reactions with Point of view - Feedback Plugin
 - Few issues with TinyMCE editor
 - First-time drawer block open (forceblockdraweropen) - Mod Book, Quiz, Lesson
 - Heading Color (Space - Customization - Text Colors)
 - Unsupported operand types: string - int (When Course Summary Limit is null)
 - Minor Bug Fixes

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