🕶️Show/hide for non-logged in users

You can hide any element on the website for non-logged in users.

Hidden for non-logged in users


<img src="URL" class="hidefornotloggedin" alt=""/>

Hidden for logged in users


<img src="URL" class="hideforloggedin" alt=""/>

// For Block #1
// Hide Log-in button after log in
<div class="rui-hero-desc">From its medieval origins to the digital era, learn everything there is to know about the ubiquitous lorem ipsum passage.</div>
<div class="rui-hero-btns d-inline-flex flex-wrap hideforloggedin">
    <a href="https://rosea.io" class="btn btn-lg btn-primary">Sign up zalezy czy jestes zalogowany czy nie</a>

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